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The adventurous couple Ch. 14 Full is a game about you are married to Anne and you are looking to spice up your sex life. You enjoy showing off your wife and have fantasized about sharing her with others. Your journey starts with you taking baby steps to convince her along the way to reach your final goal of sharing her.

Updated: 2021-05-08
Release Date: 2021-05-08
Developer: Mircom3D Patreon | Discord Vndb
Censorship: None
Version: Chapter 14 Tuesday
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Male protagonist, Voyeurism, Exhibitionist, Masturbation, Cheating, Hotwife, Cuckold, Threesome, Moresome, Lesbian, NTR, Adv

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “The Adventurous Couple.exe” to start playing.
How To Install Bugfix:
-Extract and overwrite all previous scripts
-add images to ch08 folder in images folder from “missing images” files.
Android Gesture
  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe left&right to toggle the quick menu
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot
  • touch the upper part of the screen to make the status menu visible
Chapter 13 Friday
220+ new renders
900+ lines of script

Chapter 13 Friday
This release includes 

  • 460+ new renders
  • 1900+ lines of script

CH13 totals to date….

  • 2360+ renders
  • 9300+ lines of script

Chapter 13 Thursday

Chapter 13 Wednesday
406 new renders
1900+ lines of script

Chapter 12

  • Game launches in Full Screen
  • You can now Name your Save files.
  • 1488 new renders
  • 13 new animations
  • Over 6000 lines of script

Chapter 12

  • Game launches in Full Screen
  • You can now Name your Save files.
  • 1488 new renders
  • 13 new animations
  • Over 6000 lines of script

Chapter 04 Revamped

Chapter 03 Revamped
Huge upgrade and almost doubled in size with render count. Again all renders were re-done plus a shit load more. A few new scenes that I took out of the original release and chose to put back in the revamp and 2 completely new scenes.
The variables are set! Of course we have the story flow variables and then we have the scoring or routes variables. There will be 3 main paths, Cuck, Swing and Cheat. You will notice that if you run your mouse in the top left corner it will show a button for the “Stat box” here you will be able to see 5 of your stats… “Relationship” this will be the status of your relationship with Anne. “Your faithfulness” Self explanatory! Are you cheating or not. Default is set to True as you are faithful to start. This, in some cases, will have the option of being redeemed. “Cuckold” Again self explanatory, this is default False as you are not cucked to start but with a choice early on, it will change to True and will lead you down that path. “Swinger” Set to False at start! Is not in use yet as that material has not come up yet. “Anne’s faithfulness” Set to True at the beginning as she is faithful to you. This stat will be affected by your actions… could be affected by your persuasion as well.



Chapter 14 Full

Download For Win/Lin
Download For Compressed Win/Lin

-Chapter 14 Tue-

Download For MAC
Download For PC Update Only
Download For MAC Update Only


Download For ANDROID PART 1
MEGA *(everything up to and including Chapter 12)
Download For ANDROID PART 2
MEGA *(everything from Chapter 13 onwards) updated with Chapter 14 Tuesday.
WALKTHROUGH MOD  *Chap. 14: Tue **Extract these files in the same folder you extracted the game into and overwrite when asked.
BUGFIXED IMAGE  *Extract these files in the same folder you extracted the game into and overwrite when asked.


Chap 3:

  • Option to do “”Elena yes” path then “Elena no” path
  • Option to do Carmen path then Yulia path
  • Option to do Waiter path then Cornell path then Yulia path

Chap 4:

  • Option to text all available girls
  • Option to do both Eric & Dre’s path

Chap 5:

  • Option for Pizza guy to do all 3 options

Chap 6:

  • Option to go to gym and beach
  • Option to meet both Angela & Katrina at the gym
  • Option to meet both Brittany & Cayley at the beach
  • Option to visit all the ladies
  • Cheat to get tattoo and go to the beach

Chap 7:

  • Cheat to continue both Eric & Dre’s path together
  • Cheat to continue both Brittany & Cayley’s path
  • Option to go to gym and beach

Chap 8:

  • Option for Chloe, Olivia & Tiffany’s paths together
  • Option for Damien & Swinger neighbors’ paths
  • Cheat for Wednesday to watch all of Anne’s fantacies
  • Option to suck and fuck the Pizza Guy
  • Cheat so that Anne tells MC about Mike at beach if Mike = True and on Damien path or Anne not faithful

Chap 9:

  • Option to continue Shannon & Zarah paths
  • Option for multiple girls to cuckquean Anne if cuckquean = True
  • Option do watch Anne be a cuckqueen at club and do Mia
  • Option to enable Anal if not on Drake path
  • Cheat to include Josie’s bathroom scene even if you go to the club on Saturday night

Chap 10:

  • Option to continue both Josie & Zarah/Emma;s path
  • Fixed: Be unfaithful if Join Josie
  • Consistency: Can still have sex with Josie even if couch since you already can if cucked
  • Option to suck and fuck the plumber
  • Fixed: Wrong expression “if zarah >= 2” to “if zarah”
  • Cheat ability to still have anal with Anne even if you go to the swinger party
  • Option to have sex with Holly and the voyeur/foursome
  • Option to do both MC & Anne’s Friday
  • Option for MC to get a massage and lunch with Kelsey
  • Option to watch Anne with Ryan if you stay and talk with Anne2

Chap 11:

  • Option to talk to Tiffany & Kelsey at the diner
  • Option to check out both girls’ asses at the coffee shop
  • Option to go home for lunch to see Anne and visit coffee shop for Cynthia path

Chap 11-2:

  • Option to Continue Emma Path, go to the beach and visit Nicole
  • Option to have Emma both suck your dick and have sex
  • Option to do Victoria’s Path that you missed because Anne didn’t get mad at you

Chap 12:

  • Able to visit Coffee Shop even if you didn’t do Tues Coffee in Chap 11 but did do Cynthia
  • Option for Anne to tell about Florida and the Plane
  • Option for Anne to have sex with the Dentist even if Anne + MC went to club in Chap 9

Chap 13:

  • Option to call all the available Ladies into the office
  • Option to suck and fuck Walker while keeping the “taking him on your vacation” route

Chap 13-Tues:

  • Option to see both January at the Coffee Shop and Cynthia at the beach

Chap 13-Wed:

  • Option to do both the photo booth and dining out
  • Option to join Angelike and Vanessa without losing Cynthia
  • Bugfix when choosing only Vanessa
  • Option to take all the guys home from the diner
  • Added dialogue when taking all the guys home to make the story more coherent

Chap 13-Thurs:

  • Option to do both Anne & the MC’s day
  • Option to like Abby’s ass and boobs (Man of Culture)
  • Bugfix for choosing homelunch (on v13_thurs_work2)
  • Option to follow the girls to the beach and see what Anne does
  • Option to just watch and join Anne with the Pizza Guy

Chap 13-Fri:

  • Option to do both Chloe & Kelsey’s Paths if you did both on Monday
  • Option to do both Kimmy & Sophia’s Paths
  • Option to do both “Watch Anne with Tom” and “Have Sex with Corina” with coherent dialogue
  • Option to peek on Alexa & Aunt Mandy
  • Option to check out both Alexa & Aunt Mandy’s chests

Chap 13-Sat:

  • Change to not jump to Sunday when going to bed but continue bed path if you stayed up and your Love is higher enough (v13_sat_night5)
  • Option to let Anne suck you and fuck her
  • Bugfix for when Anne sucks you (had movie_010 and movie_011 instead of v13_movie_010 and v13_movie_011)
  • Bugfix for when Anne sucks you

Chap 13-Sun:

  • Backported grammar corrections from dev for Chap 13-Wed – Fri
  • Backported new scene with Abby + Luke after the MC gets home from work in Chap 13-Fri with my own bugfixes and grammar corrections
  • No need to backport chap 13-Sat bugfixes from dev as I already had fixed those in my initial release
  • Added walkthrough hints and many grammar and spelling corrections for Chap 13-Sun

Chap 14-Monday:

  • Option to pick all three girls (blonde, pink and gold) for maybe later in the game
  • Option to do both the Anne path and the Daisy Path
  • Option to do both the Anne path and the Ashley Path
  • Option to have Ashley suck you and fuck you
  • Fixed the under exposed images when the MC fu


-Chapter 1-10 Old Version-

Download For Win/Lin
Download For MAC
Download For BugFix
Compressed For Win/Lin (692MB)
Compressed For Mac (692MB)


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