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Pervert Action: Timelapse v0.29.1 by BBBen, Pervert Action: Timelapse is a game about Shuji has lost the last month of his life. Now he finds in that time he’s been dating a group of gorgeous, out-of-his-league girlfriends. What happened in that time? And will he be able to turn a group of jealous ex-girlfriends into a harem? Choose how you build your skills and which women you’ll focus on, as you date the girls in order to unravel the mystery.

This edition, titled “Emi in Focus”, contains Emi’s full dating story. Why would a supermodel date a guy like Shuji? And why is she still hanging around now that she knows he cheated on her? It’s time to find out! (And time to start gathering your harem…)

Updated:  2021-11-19
Release Date:  2021-11-19
Developer: BBBen Patreon – Twitter – Discord – Blog
Censored: No
Version: v0.29.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Voices: English

3DCG, Dating sim, Voiced, Multiple endings, Male protagonist, Harem, Male domination, Group sex, Cheating, Exhibitionism, Big tits, Oral sex, Point & Click, Vaginal sex, Animated, NTR, Sharing

  1. Extract to desired location.
  2. Open folder.
  3. Run “game.exe” to start playing.


  1. Download the Windows version of Pervert Action Timelapse and extract it.
  2. Download NW.js v0.35.5 (64bit, 32bit) Newer versions of NW.js might not work.
  3. Extract all files from .tar.gz to the “Pervert Action Timelapse” folder, overwrite all files.
  4. You should now be able to launch the game with the ‘nw’ file.


  1. Open Terminal window
  2. cd to the extracted game folder
  3. Execute following set of commands:
    • chmod +x Framework.framework/nwjs Framework
    • chmod +x Helper
    • chmod +x Versions/*/nwjs Framework.framework/Helpers/crashpad_handler
    • chmod +x
  4. Game should work afterwards, just as expected.
v0.29.1 patch:
Fixed a bug preventing some elements of Mika’s content to properly unlock; most noticable in the jealousy system.

Added Mika’s fourth flashback scene! (Includes 6 new images and 4 new voiced lines.)
Added Mika’s fourth date conversation scene! (Includes 3 new voiced lines.)
Added two new wake up scenes for Mika – when she’s unhappy and when she’s happier. (Includes 2 new images and 2 new voiced lines.) Remember to see wake up scenes you must have “skip scenes” turned off in the stats menu.
Added four new text messages from Mika when she’s feeling jealous that you’re out on a date with someone else! (Features 3 new pictures.) To see these, date someone else while Mika’s jealousy is over 5.
Added two new options on Mika’s conversation menu! “What’s with all the hats?” and “Have you been to the Old Docks?”
Added an option to refuse Hirai outright, in his first appearance. Refusing him removes the “Let x date Hirai” buttons from the apartment, removes him as a topic of conversation with the ladies and prevents his second intro scene from happening.
Added a small explanation of the replay gameplay at the start of a new game.

Huge possible bug fix, but this needs more testing: the freezes many people experience on loading screens (the “NOW LOADING” bug) may be resolved thanks to me manually replacing & updating the NWJS files the engine exports. I don’t have enough testing from people who experience the bug to confidently say whether this works, but if it does then it is a massive improvement. Let me know if you’re still seeing this bug or if it seems to be fixed now!
This should also get rid of those annoying “profile error” notices you may have got on start up.
Fixed a bug that was causing saves before choices to break by not presenting the choices when you load the game. This bug had been fixed previously, but was reintroduced when an engine update changed things and required some revised script support from Conash, from the Harem Collector team.
Fixed a bug that was not resetting variables on a new game, if you had just been sent back to the title screen from the end of the game.
Fixed a couple of bugs where the message box didn’t show up sometimes; both for the wake up on day 2 and the start of Nobuko’s first flashback.
Fixed a bug that wasn’t erasing the icon on the subway map for Nobuko’s 3rd memory when closed.
Fixed a bug that wasn’t erasing the “End of the line” label when closing the subway map after day 20.

Added a huge new interactive scene – watching sexy videos with Shizu! This is broken into a bunch of different parts involving some images and sounds that have been seen before, but many new ones, too. There are many options, most of which unlock based on other scenes you may have seen in the course of the game so far. There’s scenes with Shuji, scenes with Hirai, different perspectives and the ability to have fun with Shizu while watching them!
Added a new Shuji/Shizu/Hirai sex scene! This can be triggered after you’ve seen Hirai’s first sexual text about Shizu.
A huge bug fix: the freezes many people experience on loading screens (the “NOW LOADING” bug) may be resolved. I don’t have enough testing from people who experience the bug to confidently say whether this works, but I think it does.
Many other large and small bug fixes – recent releases have been big for technical improvements.


  • New girl Mika joins the harem! In this release she has two conversations and flashbacks, as her content is still in progress but I didn’t want to prevent putting out a new public release for too long.
  • A new Shuji/Emi/Hirai scene in the shower!
  • Heaps and heaps of new voice acting.
  • A bunch of little tweaks and additions.

Added a Hirai, Emi and Shuji NTR/DP interactive sex scene! This unlocks after you have both had Emi’s sex scene and allowed Hirai to date her enough that they’ve also had sex, then you go to the balcony. Features:
– 2 interactive screens,
– 11 new images! (Plus variations.)
– 18 new Emi voice lines!
Added new Hirai phone messages – one for each of Emi, Shizu and Nobuko, taking their relationships even further! These will trigger when you send the girls on dates with Hirai after the existing set of Hirai messages have been unlocked.
Added 11 more lines of Emi voice acting! For a bit of fun, after sending her on dates with Hirai make sure to ask her how the date went and whether she prefers you to Hirai!
Fixed a bug not clearing an overlay sprite after the fourth Shizu date.
Fixed another bug preventing you from actually getting cash from Hirai when sending girls with him.

Entering the codes: Go to the entrance room of the apartment (this will only work once you can start navigating around the apartment with the mini-map) and click on the closet that opens a little when you hover over it. A box will pop up and you’ll need to click on the letters to enter them.

NOTE: the codes are case sensitive! So it matters whether or not you use capital letters.

boost love/lust = tsundere
+$1000 money = roulette
Jealousy 0 = swingers


HTML (For web browser – will give a black screen if you’ve got any sort of script blocking in the browser. Turn off all script blocking if this is happening.)


Download For Win (64bit)
Download For Win (32bit v0.27.3)
Download For Mac


Linux Patch Instructions


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