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Parasite Infection r1.07 by Anon Smith, Parasite Infection is a sexually explicit game dealing with multiple niche fetishes. It is currently a text and picture adventure game being developed in Twine.​

Updated: 2021-12-11
Release Date: 2021-12-11
Developer: Anon Smith Patreon – TFgamesite
Censorship: No
Version: r1.07
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Monster, Text based, Sci-fi, Adventure, FF, F-Self, Sub, Dom, Preg, Swap, F2M, Involuntary TF, M2F, Possession, Herm, Corruption, Voluntary TF

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Parasite Infection 3.12.html” to start playing

  1. [Part 2+] Added biosuit mutation option for merged biosuits on PC/NPC’s (can transform one suit into another if there is: 1 suit of the wanted type, 20 parasites of the suit type family, 50 werms)
  2. [Part 4] Parasites now influence host battle stats. * blue: strength–, intelect+, agility++, * red: strength+++, intelect—, agility+, * white: intellect—, agility+++, strength+, * purple: intelect++, strength+, agility+, * cyan: intellect-, strength+, agility+, Each +/- increases/decreases battle stat (1 – 0.075, 2 – 0.15, 3 – 0.3). Efficiency of each types of parasites: werms: 40%, canals: 50%, starfish: 70%, choker: 100. Example: red starfish – strength: 0.30.7=0.21, agility: 0.0750.7=0.525, intelect: -0.3*0.7=-0.21 Every parasite that is infesting a host influences the stat changes (but not biosuit for now)
  3. [Part 4] Expanded manual battle actions. 3 main stances that each are mainly influenced by a certain stat the most. Aggresive – strength, thoughtfull – intelect, nimble – agility. [Sex acts art] Added starfishes on small breasts image links for target in missionary sex act
  4. [Part 5] Increased arousal influence on tension decrease during induced masturbation (4x more than before) [Part 4] Added Fango image links
  5. [Part 5] Fixed inability to infest other NPC’s with biosuits
  6. [Part 5] Taking control of NPC and first entering the “elevator” passage will always enter the 0 floor bugfix [Part 5] Added the option to enter the brig cell and enter Chloe’s body [Part 5] Approach Kandy option is now displayed as intended
  7. [Part 5] Increased line breaks between the Grab the key option and Approach… when inside Arnold (edited).

[Parts 1-2] Added walkthrough help section in menu
[Part 2] Added male MC naked mouth canal image link. Added female breasts werm, female mouth werm (can be hidden with the hide mouth canal art) image links
[Part 4] Added antari arena fight appointment
No artwork was added yet (several pieces done/incoming)

[Part 2] Fixed audio in the main room being too loud as well as playing during choker
[Part 2+] Overhauled the werm mindfuck mind control sequence. To get the domination pathway, put a red werm in your neck while having high resistance. To get the submission pathway, put any other werm in your neck with low resistance.
[Part 2] Discovered and fixed the extra vaginal infestations outdated stat changes (still had force). Updated choker to only set resistance -50 instead of setting it to zero, making it easier to maintain high resistance for the mindfuck sequence.
[Part 2] Discovered that there is still a lot of artwork that needs to be fixed
[Part 1] Autosave occurrence decreased to not affect game data load too much than needed (at room exits at the spaceship & at key points at the station)
[Part 2+] Added antari version of handholding, ass to ass, blowjob, breast elopement, hand breastfuck image links (only showable if the MC and NPC engaging in the sex act are both of the same species)
[Part 1+] Added MC starfish self buttocks infestation image links (antari & human)
[Part 1+] Replaced image links for MC/NPC werm mouth infestations
[Part 1+] Self infestation with colored werm variants in ass and vagina image links addition

[Menu] Autosave slot can be accessed starting from Starting Gender passage
[Part 1] Added autosave when entering Vertical Passage Fore/Mid/Aft, Spinal Corridor, Key Saychu Entrance, Key Dock Key Saychu Station Main Ring
[Part 2] Added autosave when entering Your room
[Part 2] Changed music play after freeing Joan (both cases)
[Part 2] Changed audio when first encountering Joan
[Part 1] On the page of Joan’s initial seduction on the spaceship, added lines with tan font color of PC’s holes getting fertilized
[Part 1+] Ejaculation into merged starfish infested breasts increase it’s size by 1 (doesn’t work on infestall)
[Part 2+] Infesting penis of MC/NPC with any werm will now increase current size of penis by 5
[Part 1] Fixed parasite_exposed() error during Brain Masturbation (when putting a werm into neck choker)
[Part 2+] Corrected Pretend to help anyone trying to turn you in(subvert) condition switch to avoid a possible During the Day(<<day_cycle>>) error. Added a descriptor for the subvert behavior while in a NPC room.


Part 1+] Choker on crotch dick size changes per time progress: cyan – shrinks by -3(was -1), white – shrinks by -2(was -1), red – increases by 1(max is 80 size), purple – shrinks by -2(was -1), blue – shrinks by -5(was -2)
[Part 1+] Putting starfish on males now gives them a type considering their overall species
[Part 1+] the menu for “body parasite mutation color” and “inject milk into vagina” now only shows up if the MC is able to perform mutations
[Part 1+] Restricted portrait & settings link clicking for sex options till the encounter ends
[Part 1+] Placed more specific conditions for fixing emerging errors on clicking back and forth between profile image and back to sex module
[Part 1+] Character/NPC main grouped stats are now displayed as integer(floor)
[sex menu] Re-added penis docking (receptive) sex option [Part 5] Exploration variable initiation changed to proper sequence order (a lot of bug messages on first entry of garage bugfix)
[Part 5] Fixed the option to enter the garage even if not in control of the NPC
[Part 5] Changed egg incubation conditions to infinite inventory
[Part 2+] Added naked male profile image links



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